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Staying Safe This Valentine’s Day

Whether you have a romantic night in or a night out with someone special, Valentine’s Day holds a higher number of safety risks than your average day. Use these tips to ensure you and your home are safe this year.

  • Wait until after you’re home to share your dinner reservation, movie plans, or photos of you out. Sharing this information while you’re out makes you a target for burglars.
  • Before you leave make sure all windows and doors are locked, and you may even want to leave a light on to appear as though you are home.
  • Limit your cash on hand and place valuable items, such as a purse and wallet, in front of you at all times. Placing these items behind you or in your back pocket make you an easy target for a pickpocket.
  • If you plan on going on a getaway for the holiday have someone house-sit or look in on your home for you. This ensures all mail and packages are picked up, maintenance issues are taken care of, and makes for an appearance that someone is consistently home.
  • Having a candle lit dinner or cuddling by the fire is a great way to spend Valentine’s Day, just be careful to keep flammable items such as blankets and napkins away from the flame and never leave a fire unattended.
  • Before going to bed after your romantic night in, ensure all candles/fires have been extinguished and that the oven/stove have been turned off.
  • Don’t forget about your furry friends! If you are a pet owner be sure you aren’t leaving chocolate, alcohol, lilies, or thorny rose stems out for your fur babies to get into!

Have fun and stay safe this Valentine’s Day!