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Workplace Violence

Contrary to popular perception, most incidents are not the widely publicized stories in which employees enter the workplace and open fire on co-workers. The issues the average business faces include verbal threats, physical and verbal harassment, and aggressive behavior. The majority of these incidents often go unreported to management and can present a liability to a business.

ESI and your management team will work together to construct a response plan for workplace violence situations, aid in organizing and implementing a reporting system, and create awareness among employees. Our consultation services include employee training classes, workplace hazard assessments, and violence response plans.

While our ultimate goal is to prevent workplace violence, situations may occur where response services are necessary, and ESI will be there to help. Our services include both armed and unarmed officers ready to respond to special situations twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year. We take every measure to ensure that our officers are trained in de-escalation tactics, recognition of volatile situations, emergency response procedures, and customer service. The ESI workplace violence task force can help you ensure that your company is taking a pro-active approach to violence in the work place.

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